You Need to Establish Online Authorship

April 23, 2014



Everyone knows about Google and may even use some of the services it offers to help us keep our personal and business services organized. We also know that we can access those offerings with both smartphones and computers. Although you might already be using some of the Google products, do you know about what Google Authorship can do for you to help deal with content stealing of your work? Although you might not always think about having work stolen, content thieves are abound and they are to be guarded against at all times. Google Authorship is beneficial for preventing the theft of your content and has the added benefit of helping to improve your business.


When you use Google Authorship, your readers know that you are not a ghost, but a real person. If readers like what they see and there are other articles that you have authored, they are likely to look for more of your work. Your work has been legitimized for readers and if there are other works that you have authored, there can be positive effects for your business. There is an option for you to use your work for additional jobs in addition to keeping content thieves away from your work.

All of us are accountable for our own work. Therefore, we need to have some way to keep others from taking what we have done. Content thieves can ruin professionalism. They can steal what we have authored, make revisions and significant changes to any data and information that may be included and generally produce a product that is not reflective of the true author’s intent. Google Authorship can prevent this from happening to us, support our personal credibility and even boost positive business results.


All of us have clicked on websites that are not well done, which don’t provide information about the authors of the articles, written materials and, in general, provide nothing that interests us. When this occurs, we usually move on quickly to other search results. However, when you have a way to legitimize the fact that you were the author, your site information will be more credible and let readers know that you really exist and have something worthwhile to say. When readers realize this, they are more likely to explore your business site and possibly contact you regarding their needs. An increase in business can occur and using Google Authorship can be a positive, valuable marketing expense. Contact a marketing services professional to assist you with initiating authorship of your work.

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