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May 5, 2012



Pay Per Click advertising is most commonly referred to as PPC. It is an online campaign that is built in order to drive traffic to your website through a series of paid advertisements. PPC is an extremely basic concept that works wonders for adding traffic flow to your website. You simply pay a “click charge” for each and every time someone clicks on your advertisement. The major search engines such as Google, Bing, & Yahoo will help to provide the proper audience for your ads based on your content and keyword structure. You will most likely have to bid on a per click rate in order to start your PPC campaign. The benefit of this specialized style of marketing is that you only pay for the traffic that visits your site.

What is PPC Campaign Creation?

The first step in creating your PPC campaign is establishing keywords. The keywords are the words or phrases that will be used in order to draw in the traffic that you will hope turns into cliental. It is quite the selective process for some keywords and phrases have an extremely saturated market which can make breaking into those categories a lot more difficult. The idea is to find a category that will be open enough to have the space to break into, but not be so obscure that the company cannot be found.

PPC is a great way to get an instant flow of traffic to your website. The issue it is that it is extremely important to work with someone that has a clear understanding of the market and the entire PPC campaign process. A lack of attention to detail could prove to be a fatal mistake for it could not only cost you customers, but it could also cost you a great deal of money in the long run.

The beneficial aspect of using PPC over SEO is that you do not have the large time lapse for transition from one keyword to the next. You can select multiple keywords in a single day when using PPC, and these will be the targeted audiences. The PPC campaign creation process will help you narrow down these keywords in order to be able to select the proper list of keywords that will work with your budget on offer you the best traffic flow in return.

Everyone who has considered a PPC campaign at one point or another has heard of the Google Adsense program. It is hands down the largest PPC network available. This does not mean that you do not have a lot of other options such as through the Social Media outlets, Facebook, Yahoo, & Bing, it just simply means that Google Adsense is that largest one available.

The Online Marketing world is forever changing, and this is why it is crucial to work with someone that has a strong understanding and knowledge of the Online Marketing world in order to ensure that you have a successful PPC campaign.

How we can keep your PPC campaign working for you:

  • We conduct in-depth research into your keywords in order to unearth all keywords and long tail keywords that the general public uses in order to locate your products or services.
  • We will take that research and turn it around to added traffic flow to your website based off of your ads.
  • We will offer to analyze your competition, so that you have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • We will keep track of your financial expenditures for your PPC campaign in order to ensure you stay within your budget.
  • We will not only offer you the statistics for the amount of traffic that you receive to your site from the ad, but we will also track the activity of that traffic once they reach your website.

How Does PPC Campaign Creation Work?

The first step in the process of PPC campaign creation is to establish what keywords will work best for your site. This means that you select a section of keywords that will help guide the type of traffic that are more likely to covert into clients to your site. You will then take these keywords and even break them down further in order to receive even more concentrated traffic. These broken down keywords are referred to as long tail keywords.

  • A generic keyword is “Books”
  • A long-tailed keyword is much more specific: “Books for a First Time Mother”
  • It is still possible to narrow it down even further: “Books on Childbirth for a First Time Mother”

We have a team of experts that are prepared to not only build you the perfect PPC marketing campaign for you, but we will coach you on the process along the way so that you have a full understanding of entire campaign.

What is involved in the pay per click set up phase?

  • PPC Market analysis
  • Keyword research, mining & compilation
  • Competitor research
  • Website Review / Evaluation
  • Ad text creation and testing set up
  • Review / Restructure Google Account
  • Confirm syndication to search networks
  • Establish Tracking method
  • Set up & Test Conversion Tracking Code for all active SE’s
  • Establish conversion definition and conversion value
  • Set geographical scope
  • Set budgetary limits & allocations
  • Establish initial Benchmarks & Goals

What deliverables can I expect?

  • Various program setups for your PPC campaign.
  • Strategic Planning for your PPC program & goals.

What is the expected timeline to set up my PPC campaign?:

Your PPC campaign can be setup and online in less than two weeks time.

What is PPC Campaign Management?

One big mistake that is often made when conducting a PPC Campaign is the belief that once it is setup you can just simply leave it and let it do the work for you. While this is true to a point it also needs to be closely monitored in order to be adjusted for the ever changing market, and to ensure that you stay within the budgeted amount.  The lack of attention to detail when it comes to the maintenance of your PPC campaign could end up costing you a great deal of money, and that is what we are here in order to help you avoid.

Mind Jar Media’s PPC campaign management will work with your campaign in order to ensure that the ads are reaching the proper targeted traffic, the campaign is reaching and hopefully surpassing your expectations, and we are keeping the entire program within the allotted budget.

Bid management is also an essential factor of a PPC campaign.

A PPC bid management service is the perfect way to avoid high costly fees and the big headaches that come along with building your own customized PPC Campaign.

Here is what Mind Jar Media’s PPC campaign management offers:

  • In-Depth keyword research
  • Copy for all ads that will draw traffic flow to your site
  • Market research and budget recommendations
  • Design or optimization of landing page
  • PPC campaign effectiveness reports and statistics
  • Adjustment of ads through continual monitoring of PPC campaign.

How Does PPC Campaign Management Work?

Mind Jar Media’s PPC campaign management was specially designed in a way that will allow us to customize a PPC campaign that is right for your company’s needs.  This means that we will not only build the perfect program for you, but we will also monitor it as it grows and prospers. We will take care of all the “heavy lifting” that surrounds the development of a PPC campaign, but you will not be in the dark about the whole process. We believe that out clients should be up-to-date and involved with every aspect of their PPC campaign, and we are happy to teach you along the way.

The setup of our PPC Campaign ensures that your money is invested wisely in driving new traffic to your website, and not being wasted on pointless leads.

What services will I receive for monthly PPC management?

Mind Jar Media will sporadically check specific aspects of your campaign, such as:

  • Bid management: Monitor ranking/positioning & adjusting bids based on core metric.
  • Ongoing building of keyword lists
  • Monitor budget
  • Monitor that accounts are funded and live
  • Split Testing; A/B Testing: Testing two ads against one another
  • Requesting exceptions for & Resubmitting search terms/ads
  • Landing Page Testing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Monthly Analysis Reporting

Does Mind Jar Media also analyze my account and make suggestions?

Mind Jar Media will not only provide the upkeep of your account, but we will also provide:

  • Managed Placements using Text ads
  • Placements using Image ads
  • Managed Placements using Video ads
  • Extending & Localizing the Geographical Targeting
  • Test Landing Page Changes
  • Test “portal” pages as a strategy to attract non-brand buyers.
  • Apply analysis to MSN/Bing/Yahoo!

What sort of deliverables can I expect to see from Mind Jar Media?

We will provide you with a PPC ROI report every month along with the keyword analysis report


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