Is Mobile Technology a Soon to be Reality in Cars?

August 12, 2013



Even though distracted driving is a worldwide plague in cars, car makers are still working on solutions. Rather than make lots of public service announcements and insight lawmakers to prohibit dangerous behavior, automakers have taken the matter into their own hands. Now more than ever, mobile technology is under development that will make cars more user friendly and safe. It will not be long before this new technology hits and within only a few years, cars will begin to have certain mobile features. By the year 2025, the GSMA will expect that most all vehicles be equipped with mobile technology. The following are 4 different kinds of mobile technology that automakers and GSMA will expect to see incorporated into all vehicles.

1: Driver-Oriented Features: These features will allow your vehicle to tell you of auto accidents, traffic restrictions and many other hazards on your route before you pull out of the driveway. These location based mobile devices may become a reality very soon. Drivers can also be able to get weather alerts and call center support systems plus other features that are starting to develop. The more this technology develops and advances, drivers will be safer on the road and have fewer distractions with a better navigation system.

2: Emergency Call Systems: You just experienced an auto accident. At the same moment you realize that during the accident, your cell phone went flying out the window, down an embankment and into the river making it impossible for you to call for help. With the newly developing mobile technology, you will not have to worry. Cars with this technology will help drivers feel safer knowing that in the case of an accident, the car can itself can contact help taking the worry from the driver and passengers.

3: Entertainment: Many drivers and passengers use a mobile device to access the internet and listen to music. With mobile technology enhancements, the car can do these things for you keeping you from having the urge to use your cell phone to get this information and instead access all you need from the comfort of your car seat.

4: Backseat Entertainment: Most parents who have minivans, deem DVD players as a must have. Automakers are now developing this same idea and taking it to the next mobile technology level. There will be a tablet type of computer in the headrests, which will give back seat passengers access to movies, games or about anything else online.

Many drivers already are benefiting from mobile technology cars. By 2015, the European Commission has plans in the works for all new vehicles to be equipped with emergency call feature services. Because of the huge growth of this technology, sales of emergency call services are expected to reach 7 million units by 2016. Russia will soon make it mandatory for all vehicles to have this technology. Brazil also has plans to require that all cars have a stolen vehicle tracking system. It is expected that by 2018 31 percent of all new cars will come equipped with SIM technology with 18 percent having smartphone access, and 9 percent including tethered solutions. Due to this amount of growth, you can understand why car makers expect that by 2025, mobile technology will be the norm.

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