Geo-Social Gaming for Small Businesses

If you are wondering why there are more and more people with their face glued to their cell phones, it’s because there is so much more to do than just text and play games. It might not be your thing, but with over 6 Million users on Foursquare alone and 3,400% rise in 2010, Geo-Social Gaming is not to be underestimated.


So instead of just throwing Foursquare Statistics at you and waiting for comments, here is a quick rundown of why Geo-Social gaming should be in your marketing plan.

Cost Effectiveness:

It’s Free… a lot of digital marketing and social media marketing is free. Do you have the time to do it all – probably not. Foursquare on the other hand is both free and easy. The only costs you may acquire are from the stickers you put on your door to let people know to check-in.


So how does Foursquare help you with branding? Most of the Foursquare junkies (and you do have customers who are) have their account linked up with their Facebook. This means every time they check-in, they tell all of their friends that the shop at your store. I don’t know about you, but I have friends with thousands of friends – who check-in everywhere, Right Jared Jason and Mike?


Really, if you are not up for measuring the demographics that are coming into your store, Foursquare will do it for you (keeping in mind that the demographics for Foursquare are typically younger). The stats that come out of people checking in can help you target your audience better (still free).


You can set up promotions for visitors who check-in to your store. An example might be: Check-in 3 times in 30 days and get 33% off your in store purchase.

To build a Foursquare business profile, set-up a promotion and buy a Foursquare sticker from HTML Graphic and you will probably yield the best ROI of your year. It’s fast, it’s easy and it is used by a lot of people. If you want to see some pretty impressive stats, here is a quick presentation on Foursquares 3,400% growth.

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